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They provide a lot more support than what I have been wearing. I will continue to wear them and enjoy the benefits.

Your products are lovely as well as functional. The instructional handouts were helpful and visually pleasing. I felt that there could be more instruction on how to wear the bottom piece, for example, where to place the shoulder straps. I thought the packaging was tasteful, discreet and beautiful. One thing I did notice was that the garments had an odor to them when I opened the package. It smelled a little bit like moth balls. I washed the garments before I tried them on. The instructional handouts would benefit from care instructions as well. I washed them in cold water on a gentle cycle with Woolite and then hung them to dry.
I do like the results of wearing this lingerie, but I have to admit that it will take some getting used to.


Braologie’s note: With every feedback, we try to improve our products and services whenever possible. Every package now sent out is put in an air tight plastic bag to prevent any odors from getting in during shipping.


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