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Braologie’s Posture-Contour Bra:

The texture of the fabric that the bra was made with was comfortable, yet it’s shade of black remained concealing under light fabric top colours. The straps were thin and easy to manage and no shifting or irritating occurred at all with the straps. The multiple bra hooks was hard to assemble when placing it on, but it also provides better support for the upper back and left not much space regarding the hooks, which made it comfortable. The under wire on the breast cups and the shape of the bra was amazing regarding defining a person’s breasts, with other bras they could not provide a well outward appearance without being a pushup, the Braologie bra pushed up the breasts in a natural looking way, without need for padding, my breasts did not manage to slip out of the cups like other bras. The only irritation I had with the Braologie bra was the wire-or unnamed fabric that was at the sides of the bra, it was a bit painful if I wore the bra for longer than 4 hours, because of this and left marks on the side of my rib cage after I had taken it off.

The shape of the bra was amazing regarding defining a person’s breasts.

I will mention the shape of the bra again, because not only does it manage to support the upper back and help maintain correct posture, but it also slims down part of your upper body, making it appear as if you are thinner from up top and in a way managing to slim your waist.


It manage to support the upper back and help maintain correct posture, but it also slims down part of your upper body.







Braologie Posture-Contour Shaping Mini-Vest:

The vest has extremely helped with back bulge.

The braologie vest was convenient with its thin material, where it could not be seen outside at all from any distance. The instructions provided were easy to assemble both the vest and bra
together. When putting on the vest with other bras, the vest remained comfortable and unnoticeable in both situations. The combined pressure of the bra and the vest is relieving-but also the pain previously mentioned regarding the Braologiey bra sticks/fabric/wire at the sides become more irritating when placing the bra on top. I had trouble with the vest constantly sliding up the bra. The fabric used is very breathable and does not cause one to sweat-but it would not be recommended to be worn in high heat unless the fabric is changed for comfort. Overall the pros of the vest out weighed the cons regarding wearing it. I would wear it often with many of my outfits. If possible I would recommend a racer back feature or separate accessory to be made for the vest for certain outfits when one is wanting to compress bulge while wearing exposing outfits.


Summary: I loved all the products received and loved how they highlighted the best parts of my body when worn, nothing too out there, comfortable, disguisable, easy assembly, no extreme discomfort and overall satisfied with the products. I’d recommend altering the body suit so it’s easier to remove for quick situations like bathroom use etc. After wearing the products for a marathon of 3 days I noticed a better upper back posture and less irritation with separation of my thighs chafing. The bra has helped better the appearance of my breasts with and without the bra on now. The vest has extremely helped with back bulge.



She’s wearing Braologie Posture-Contour Bra and Posture-Contour Shaping Mini-Vest.