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As I am reaching 30, I get worried of my overall posture. Friends was complaining how hunchback I am and its really affecting my overall look, few days before I contacted Tallia, I just purchased the vest similar to what Braologie had and tried wearing it to help me stand up straight but its was extremely uncomfortable and I haven touch it since.

 I looked slimmer and I can feel my arms smaller wearing the body suit.
After trying on the set, people said I looked slimmer and I can feel my arms smaller wearing the body suit. However, on the first day wearing the suit, my left body felt very uncomfortable because of the metal support which is placed right by the sides of the suit. Its always the left side that feels uncomfortable towards the end of the day. The straps on the shoulder also tends to drop even though I have adjusted all the way to the end and it still slips down often.
The bra fits amazingly well and even though there is no padding, the fats by side all was pushed to the front.and it does stays on the whole day, But its quite difficult to hook it because there are 4 hooks and first time using it, can take sometime to fasten it. I do wear the vest with bra most of the times as it dries pretty fast and is very helpful in correcting my posture.
my posture is well corrected.
The vest is my favourite because I can see from the mirror that my posture is well corrected and at least I wont look so hunched without it. When wearing it, I can feel the tension from the vest but there is no painful pressure from the shoulder.
I actually prefer wearing them in 3 pieces.