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“BRAOLOGIE – thank you for such well made, perfectly fitting, flattering undergarments!! I am always a little conscious of being busty, but am trying to stand straighter, and your garments help a lot with that. I look and feel thinner, and the posture garment is very comfortable and easy to wear. And my bra – oh the BRA!!!! I have never, ever had a better fitting or more comfortable, flattering bra!!

I LOVE THE BRA. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this bra!!

So very well made, flattering, comfortable, and attractive.


This bra is the BEST I have ever worn. 

I notice that the bra and undergarment reduce the appearance of rolls around my bra straps and back fat. Nice! I am trying to stand up straighter, I have always been self conscious about being large busted, but I know posture is very important. The bra is so well fitting and flattering. My husband LOVES it on me. (ha!) I have never had a more COMFORTABLE bra in my life. It’s such a pleasure to be able to go all day without adjusting a strap or pulling down the back of the bra. Plus, the garments make me feel better about seeing myself in the mirror, I look so much better wearing them!”


Thanks Ann for her product review!
Ann is wearing Braologie Posture-Contour Bra.